June 27 2012, 7pm


Fic: Perfect to Imperfect

Word Count: Around 5,800

Characters/Relationships: One-sided DickTim, Brotherly DickTim

Rating: T for sexual themes

AN: So there’s this cute comic strip by quixoticlimn and I just wanted to make a short cute little fic maybe detailing a few more instances as portrayed in the comic strip. But then it kind of got away from me and turned into a bigger monster than I had inticipated. But, regardless, enjoy.

Tim tried hard to focus on his training. Really he did. But… how was he ever supposed to do that in the same room as Dick while he was training too?

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heehee this is sooo cute!! poor little timbo -hugs him tight-

you did magnificently on this! i am so proud to be somewhat of a inspiration to you -flails- thanks for sharing you work with me! i love it really <3

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April 29 2012, 10pm

Dick/Tim - Memory Lane


Title: Memory Lane
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: DickTim
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. Lazy writing.
A/N: Wrote for Quixy over msn. Completely random drabble. Used a random word generator and got “poster”.

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This is really lovely rubi <3 thanks so much! such a personal tender moment I really enjoyed this : ) 

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