June 15 2013, 6pm

Hey just wanted to let you know that you're an awesome person and your art is awesome! I actually have something you drew me because I was you something hundredth follower and still love it! :D I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

oh wow hey there! i remember you ♥ I hope you’ve been well! and i wish you a fantastic weekend too.

This is so sweet awe i am just feeling so much love for my followers today. 

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June 15 2013, 5pm

Hey yo guys! 

I have another blog on tumblr,(slhuff) that I use for professional purposes, and sometimes i re-post sketches there, that i also have here. i just thought i’d mention that it’s out there so you don’t think i have a creepy impersonator. 

My laptop is still broken, so i’m sorry i’ll still be fairly absent for a little longer! i think this is the end for my sweet baby laptop, and i’ve decided to buy  a new computer soon. ( a desktop this time) 

I miss you all ♥ stay badass!

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June 15 2013, 5pm

How have I never noticed you on deviantart??? (Or here but I think it's harder to miss things on here)

Awe well i’m just a sneaky little thing sometimes ;P but i’m glad you’ve found me!~ the more company the better ♥

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May 7 2013, 10pm

This is just a bit of an informational post:

I started my job yesterday! It’s going great so far, but it’s keeping me very busy >_< So i plan to do a sketch everyday, to try and keep my skills polished.

(I can probably do more finished peices on the weekend)

For those who don’t want to see my sketches I have them all tagged as 


and my text posts are all tagged as 


go ahead and savior those if you please :) Love you guys! here’s to hoping I have time to be around often. 

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May 5 2013, 4pm

I really want to do a picture of Cherry and Jenny. I’ve seen lots of drawings of them„ but are any of those based on official art? or is jenny a fan design? I need to know thisssss 

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