February 3 2013, 5pm

Gahh, did I miss it?! Happy birthday, Quix!

awe no worries! you’re in time! I’m celebrating my birthday with my family TODAY lol so really you’re not late in a sense. <3

Thank youuu~ //chu

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February 1 2013, 6pm

Omg tumblr on my phone is the actual worst thing

I saw your beautiful gift and died and came to back to life just so I could reblog it and its magnificence!! And its not worrrrrrking. Ill have to wait till I get home tomorrow -sob-

To everyone else, I tried!! even replying to messegea isn’t working so great. :I I think ill have to endeavor to reply tomorrow !! Love you all!

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February 1 2013, 6pm

Happy birthday, Quix. ♥

thankyouthank youu!! -pets your lovely grey face-

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February 1 2013, 6pm


thank you sweety!! <3 

ahh im on my phone cus im not at home.for various reasons so i hope these replies work right

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January 7 2013, 12am

YJ!Jason & YJ!Dick - Bedridden


Title: Bedridden
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: Gen (can be seen as Jason/Dick)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. Lame attempt at writing.
A/N: Written for Quiqui since she has been sick and I wanted to cheer her up c:. AU where Jason is the older brother. Sorry for any mistakes this was written in about 15-20 minutes. Haha.

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God rubibi i think i love you! thank youu! <3 so sweet, like this is the best surprise ever!

I believe i’ll be cured of illness if i just read this a couple more times <333 

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